I Love Heart MIDGETS - Window Bumper Sticker


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  • Sticker size is 8" (width) x 2" (height)
  • Please see product description below for more information

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Overall Rating:
easy to apply and great graphics!
Overall Rating:
Good vinyl. Fast shipping. As described. Quality product!!!!
Overall Rating:
I chose this rating for three reasons:
1. The three stickers that I purchased were delivered in a crisp, well sealed envelope.
2. The price. I haven't been able to find a bumper sticker at this price point in 7 years. I think I will use Amazon more often. I recently discovered Amazon whilst researching the tributaries of the South American river on the "Internet"
3. I have two of the stickers prominently displayed on my sedan. While driving to the grocery store last Thursday, a pick-up truck pulled up next to my sedan. I noted that no one appeared to be operating the running truck. I quickly got out of my sedan (at a red light) and approached the, perceivably unoccupied and running, pick-up truck to find a small man was at the helm. He glanced at me and winked. He then handed me two fifty-dollar bills after rolling down the window. I am relatively certain that, had it only had one of these stickers on my sedan, the man would have only given me one fifty-dollar bill. I intend to use half of his gift to purchase more of these decals on Amazon.com. I will then place them on my sedan in hopes of encountering more people like the little man in the pick-up truck.
As my title for this review suggests, I HAVE owned "I <3 Midget" decals in the past. In my previous experience with possessing them, they have exhibited no mystical powers that produced monetary gain for myself. I recommend that anyone who is considering this purchase go ahead with it on the chance that you may have an experience similar to mine.
Overall Rating:
Perfect for the midget fan in my life. This was small and the exact decoration needed! He absolutely loved it!
Overall Rating:
I bought one of these and stuck it to aaagnet sheet, trimmed around it, and put it on a friends bumper for april fools day. Nothing quite so gratifying as watching a friend drive off with this bumper sticker on his car.
Overall Rating:
I bought this for a friend of mine who loves midgets, and he loved this sticker too. Now his vehicle attracts the midgets to him, so that he does not need to go midget hunting. **Warning: do NOT place the sticker on the window as pictured. It needs to be in a lower location so that the midgets are able to see it better.

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